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What To Eat For A Less Painful Period

What to eat for a less painful period

Period is that time of the month when women have to deal with blood loss, mood swings, painful cramps and bloating. Often, the only way out can seem like over-the-counter medicines to alleviate the pain. However, there are many hidden gems in your kitchen that can give painkillers a run for their money. Read on to know about a couple of superfoods that you can eat for a less painful period.


Tips for a less painful period spoonful of fenugreek seeds

Hailed by many for its medicinal uses, fenugreek seeds hold a place of prestige in our Indian culture. The presence of anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds plays a major role in easing menstrual pain. To avail its benefits, you can simply soak a spoonful of the seeds in a glass of water, let it sit overnight and consume it the next morning on an empty stomach.


Tips for a less painful period snacks with banana

It is quite natural to get the urge to dive face-first into a decadent chocolate cake during your periods. However amazing that would taste, it will not assist in easing your discomfort in the least, and may instead aggravate some of your symptoms. A banana is a much smarter choice to snack on, as it is naturally sweet and can satisfy your sweet cravings. Enriched with potassium and vitamin B6, it can help relieve bloating and cramping.


Tips for a less painful period salmon fish fat

Salmon is inherently rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which helps in easing period discomfort. Additionally, fishes like salmon and mackerel contain anti-inflammatory fats that contribute to reducing cramps significantly. It is also a wonderful dietary source of vitamin B6 and vitamin D. Vitamin B6 helps with breast tenderness and irritability, which often accompanies period pains. And vitamin D assists in faster absorption of calcium which can make period pain more manageable.


Tips for a less painful period ginger tea

Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, sipping a cup of ginger tea can help ease painful abdominal cramps. Many women suffer from intense nausea during their periods. What better way to cure nausea than ginger, which is often dubbed as the ultimate stomach-soother. It can also tackle problems like gas and bloating, which is also commonly observed with women on their period. 


Tips for a less painful period dark chocolate

While it is difficult to resist the intense sweet cravings during your period, it is highly recommended to satisfy your cravings with dark chocolate rather than milk or white ones. The sugar content in dark chocolate is considerably lesser and as an added bonus, it is also enriched with magnesium. The magnesium in dark chocolates relaxes your muscles and provides quick pain relief. It is advisable to choose a chocolate that contains 85% or greater cocoa content for achieving optimal results.

Dr Arun (#askdrarun), co-founder of Pure Cure + Co., further adds, “Natural anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory agents such as Jeeraka, Yashtimadhu and Dashamoola can soothe PMS symptoms like abdominal cramps, stiffness of muscles, breast tenderness, dizziness, bloating and water retention.” You can tap into the goodness of these powerful herbs by simply supplementing your diet with Flow from Pure Cure + Co.

It is advisable to take it for a minimum of three consecutive menstrual cycles to see the desired results.




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